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How to add my icon to my created component in the component palette page?

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To add icon to component you need to create dcr file using Delphi image editor.
In image editor create bitmap 24x24 16 bit. Rename bitmap to your control name.
Example: TMyCustomControl - TMyCustomControl (same name)
Save dcr file in the folder where the package is with any name (example: Icon.dcr).
Then open your package and right click -> View source.
Add line :
{$R 'The dcr filename'}
In this case:
{$R 'Icon.dcr'}
Click Compile and Install.
There you go. You have created your own component with icon. :)

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  • Create a .dcr file in the Delphi Image Editor.
  • Add a bitmap to this with the same name as your control. It needs to be 24 pixels square, and use 16 colours.
  • Link this .dcr, which is really just a resource file, to your package with a $R in your .dpk for example.
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