i am using kendo multi-select field in angular formly. In html file i am using for checking error message. But for this kendo multi-select field. I am not able to find the formControl. for other fields like checkbox,radio, dropdown i am getting formControl. Is there any way to do valiadtion without using KendoValidator.Validate() function. Any idea please help..


  • Can you create a stackblitz reproducing the issue – Amit Feb 5 '20 at 8:15

here is the template for kendo multiselect field name: 'kendomultiselect', template: '', controller: ['$scope', 'formlyValidator', function ($scope, formlyValidator) { $scope.options.data.getValidationMessage = function (key) { return
formlyValidator.getValidationMessage(key, $scope); }; }]

In formlyvalidator service i have written custom code for error message, but this service is not getting triggered also.

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