Using jupyter-lab

%run otherNotebook.ipynb

gives the following error message

Error: file not found otherNotebook.ipynb.py

How can I use the magic method and prevent it from adding .py to the file


As described here %run is for running a named file inside IPython as a program. Jupyter notebooks are not Python programs.

Notebooks can be converted to Python programs/scripts using Jupytext. Following that conversion you could then use %run.

Alternatively, you can use nbconvert to execute a notebook or use Papermill to execute a notebook. Papermill allows you to easily pass in parameters at the time of run. I have an example of both commented out in code under 'Step #5' here and 'Step#2' here.

If you are actually trying to bring the code into your present notebook, then you may want to explore importing Jupyter notebooks as modules. Or, I just came across the subnotebook project that let's you run a notebook as you would call a Python function, pass parameters and get results back, including output contents.

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