I want node A to send the details of the trajectory in which node B should move.

For example, I want node B to move to location [2.m,0,0] with a speed 1m/s. I will send a datagram with data [2,0,0,1]. Now how can node B extract the information from the received datagram to and change its trajectory accordingly?


On node B, ensure that mobility is enabled, and the location and origin are set, so that you're in local coordinate systems in meters. If your coordinate system is not geo-referenced, you can set origin to [NaN, NaN]:

def node = agentForService org.arl.unet.Services.NODE_INFO

node.origin = [Float.NaN, Float.NaN]  // or GPS coordinates
node.location = [0, 0, 0]             // or wherever you want to start
node.mobility = true

Now, when you receive your datagram on node B, your agent can set the node.speed and node.heading to your desired speed and heading. For example:

node.heading = 90          // head East
node.speed = 1             // at 1 m/s

In reality, you may want to compute the heading to your desired waypoint.

Your agent can monitor the position of the node (perhaps using a TickerBehavior), and when it's time to stop (e.g. you've reached close enough to your way point [2,0,0]), set the speed to 0:

// if within 1 m of waypoint, stop
if (MathUtils.distance(node.location, [2,0,0] as double[]) < 1) {
  node.speed = 0

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