We're trying to run a backend (server) only application created using jhipster (spring oauth2 based authentication option) on AWS cloud with multiple container instances (3 containers to be precise).

There is no session stickiness and load balancer is balancing the load in round robin way and due to no session stickiness, we're seeing that randomly, authentication is failing with authorization_request_not_found error code.

After debugging and googling, I found that by default, OAuth2LoginAuthenticationFilter.java uses HttpSessionSecurityContextRepository to store OAuth2AuthorizationRequest during authentication process (prior to redirection to IDP's login page) and tries to retrieve it while processing authorization code (once IDP redirects back to application with Auth Code and state parameters) and since session stickiness is not there, when the request gets routed to a different container instance than initial one, it doesn't find the initially stored OAuth2AuthorizationRequest and results in authorization_request_not_found error.

I tried configuring HttpSecurity to use SessionCreationPolicy.STATELESS and set securityContext.securityContextrepository to use NullSecurityContextRepository() but it still uses HttpSessionSecurityContextRepository.

Has anyone faced this issue and would be able to share a standard way to solve this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • I would suggest replacing the HttpSession implementation with Spring Session and using Spring Session Data Redis to distribute the session between servers. spring.io/projects/spring-session – Matt Raible Feb 6 at 14:40

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