new with contentful and having trouble understanding rich text. I see in this doc you can apply HTML to rich text, with the options/rendernode. But from what I can tell you can only apply it to their selectors, like all h1's or lists or embedded-asset-blocks etc.

My setup is a gatsby blog with contentful, with rich text in the body of my posts. I wanted to wrap some images/videos in a fullwidth class. Can I do that in rich text? How would I set that up?

my gatsby setup in the blog post template (simplifying for post):

const Work = props => {
  const options = {
    renderNode: {
      "embedded-asset-block": node => {
        const alt = node.data.target.fields.title["en-US"]
        const url = node.data.target.fields.file["en-US"].url
        return <img alt={alt} src={url} />
  return (

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