Currently I am using OAuth Client Credentials Grant type. After sending client id + Secret to Auth Server it will give access_token which won't have userinfo. For getting userinfo we are calling userinfo endpoint of WSO2 by passing access_token. Is there any configuration needed to get Id_token as response from Auth Server because it will have userinfo. Please correct me on my understanding and guide me on how to get userinfo from WSO2 OAuth in one step for Client Credentials Grant type. Thanks.


From your question, I understand that you want to get id_token for client_credentials grant type. Please note that, user is not authenticated in client_credential. Instead the client is validated.

Due to this reason, id_token is not allowed for client_credentials grant-type bydefault. But after IS 5.4.0, there is a config to enable sending id-token. But bydefault, WSO2 Identity Server won't send id_token for client_credentials grant.

You can find the below config in identity.xml file located in /repository/conf/ folder. Bydefault is configured as false. By configuring <IdTokenAllowed>true</IdTokenAllowed>, you can get id_token for client_credentials grant type.


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