We have a system that is fronted by Azure Front Door. We now have a customer that needs to access the system from a closed down location and wants to white-list the ip addresses of the system. I have not found any list of ip ranges for Front door. Azure App Service and many other services provide a list of addresses. App Service, however, is not as distributed as Front Door, but I'm asking anyway:

Is there a set of exposed public ip addresses where Front Door operates?


We do have a FAQ which answers your question. Here is the FAQ of Frontdoor to lock the down access only via Frontdoor

There are no service tags for Frontdoor yet, but you can pretty much use these IPs which are mentioned in the doc to lock down the traffic sources. Also, you can configure your web application to accept based on X-Forwarded-Host header.

Front Door's IPv4 backend IP space: Front Door's IPv6 backend IP space: 2a01:111:2050::/44 Azure's basic infrastructure services through virtualized host IP addresses: and

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  • Could you be more specific? I can't figure out if the ip addresses listed are from when front door accesses backends or if those are the actual ip addresses? When I do nslookup on our Front door, the ip listed is not in any address space mentioned on the page you linked to. – Mathias Rönnlund Feb 6 at 20:51
  • Azure Frontdoor will act as a reverse proxy and uses the list of IPs which is mentioned in the doc to connect to the backend resource. – msrini-MSIT Feb 6 at 21:13

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