I don't seem to be able to connect to a locally installed SQL Server 2019 instance using DataGrip (2019.3). No matter which auth I use (domain or SQL), I get the following error:

"The specified database user/password combination is rejected: [08S01] The server SQL19 is not configured to listen with TCP/IP"

URL I'm connecting to is jdbc:sqlserver://localhost\SQL19. If instead of "SQL19" part I use SQL Server 2016 instance name, it works fine, so I'm assuming I'm configuring the connection correctly, unless there's some tweaks I need for SQL 2019?

I can connect to a 2019 instance from SSMS and applications, it's available via TCP/IP etc.

  • are you getting any error? may drive is missing!
    – Hiten004
    Feb 6, 2020 at 17:32
  • edited the question to include more details Feb 6, 2020 at 17:37

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Answering my own question with some details (@moscas answer is correct, but I feel details may still be useful for somebody).

TCP/IP seems to be disabled by default in SQL Server 2019, and SQL Configuration Manager turned out to be not easy to find: it doesn't show up when you do regular search in "Start" menu and it doesn't exist under SQL Server's folder in the menu (wtf, Microsoft?).

You need to go Computer Management (this does show up in search) -> Services and Application -> SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server Network Configuration, choose your instance and enable TCP/IP.

Datagrip starts to work then.


As far as I know, SSMS does not require TCP/IP, that's why it works. For DataGrip, you need to turn it on.

Perhaps this doc will help: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/datagrip/db-tutorial-connecting-to-ms-sql-server.html

  • no but SSMS can be configured to connect over TCP/IP
    – CervEd
    Jan 7, 2021 at 15:46

In additional to enable TCP/IP in SQL Server Configuration Manager. I also had to enable the Sql Browser service under Sql Service Service.

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