Is it possible in Ansible to write the startup script with input of arguments?

For example, in Unix, when we run it we can do:

/etc/init.d/SCRIPT start|stop|restart

Is it possible to do it in Ansible so it will read the input of start|stop|restart?


You can pass variables into your playbook at runtime using the -e argument. For example:

ansible-playbook playbook.yml -e mode=start

Given the above command line, inside the playbook, you can examine the mode variable:

- hosts: localhost
    - name: start something
      command: echo do you want to be starting something
      when: "mode|default('') == 'start'"

You can use as many -e arguments as you want, and you can include variables from a file rather than including them on the command line. E.g., if you have a file vars.yml, you could run:

ansible-playbook playbook.yml -e @vars.yml

So from one perspective, you would need to have three different tasks, each with a different when statement to handle the three start/stop/restart conditions.

But depending on what you're trying to do, there may be a simpler solution. If you're just trying to call the init script from a task, you could instead do this:

- hosts: localhost
    - name: start something
      command: /etc/init.d/SCRIPT {{ mode }}
  • so I will have to write 3 statements ? 1) when: "mode|default('') = 'start'" 2) when: "mode|default('') = 'stop'" 3) when: "mode|default('') = 'restart'" is it right ? – user12824423 Feb 6 at 22:00
  • I've updated the answer to address that question. – larsks Feb 6 at 22:20
  • is it exact statement with when ? I got error: FAILED! => {"msg": "The conditional check 'mode|default('') = 'restart'' failed. – user12824423 Feb 6 at 22:40
  • Sorry, that was a typo. Comparisons use ==. – larsks Feb 6 at 22:48
  • it is working, thank you very much – user12824423 Feb 6 at 23:47

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