I recently created a PySpark pipeline using Sparkling Water's AutoML in the last stage (very similar to https://github.com/h2oai/sparkling-water/blob/master/py/examples/pipelines/ham_or_spam_multi_algo.py), but when I load my model from a file I get this error:


model = loaded_pipeline.fit(data)
loaded_model = PipelineModel.load("examples/build/model")

py4j.protocol.Py4JError: ai.h2o.sparkling.ml.models.H2OMOJOModel.H2OSupervisedMOJOModel does not exist in the JVM

I have the current packages/versions: H2O (, h2o-pysparkling-2-4 (, PySpark (2.4.3), Py4j (0.10.7). I only got this error when I updated H2O/Sparkling Water to the 3.28 version. Can it be related to the definition of some environment variable or package version?


Please run from pysparkling import * at the beggining of the code. This call ensures that we add Sparkling Water dependencies to the Spark app.

  • I had that line at the beginning of the code. After some debugging, I realized that there were some transformers in the pipeline (not from the pysparkling package) that were causing the error. I remove them and the import works just fine. Thank you anyway :) – luis_ferreira223 Feb 17 at 16:54

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