I've been reading the Android documentation, and they mention support for different screen densities, as well as different screen sizes.

If I'm not mistaken, these are the design DPI values I should be using: LDPI=120 MDPI=160 HDPI=240 XHDPI=300

I can also see that in Eclipse, I have drawable folders for each of these.

However my question is regarding screen size, because I don't see a place where I should place resources depending on screen size.

For example, my AOC Breeze is 120DPI, but as a XLARGE screen (8 inches). I imagine there are smaller devices with a NORMAL screen (4 inches) but MDPI or HDPI screens. Where should resources for similar device go?

Is there a place for resources of different DPI/screen size combinations?



You may want to create different layouts for different screen sizes, e.g. layout-normal and layout-large

Check my answer here for a more detail explanation, and this other answer for links to a table with different resolutions.

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