Suppose I want to apply the parameter p1 and p2 to a list of function calls:

(defn some-func []
    (let [p1 a p2 b]
    (f1 p1 p2)
    (f2 p1 p2)
    (f3 p1 p2)

What's a good and concise way of doing this?

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    It would be great if you accepted some of the answers to your questions. – akond Feb 10 at 4:48
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    Do you want to apply those functions just for "side effects" or you want to use their return values? – Juraj Martinka Feb 10 at 5:11

Assuming you want just side-effects, I'd use doseq to force the calls; iterate the functions you want to call. e.g.

user=> (doseq [f [println println println]] (f 1))

You may want to review the Clojure CheatSheet. The function juxt can do what you want.

Beware, though, juxt is somewhat obscure and can make it hard to read your code.

  • juxt returns a vector. What I really want is these function calls in a sequence. I tried (lazy-seq (juxt...)), but it says "Can't convert lazyseq to IFn". – zengod Feb 10 at 0:44
  • i.e., how do I convert the vec to IFn? – zengod Feb 10 at 0:50
  • Read the docs on the 2 links above, esp the 2nd one to clojuredocs.org – Alan Thompson Feb 10 at 1:26

You can use for or map, both of which return a clojure.lang.LazySeq. Small working example:

(defn f1 [x y] (+ x y))
(defn f2 [x y] (- x y))
(defn f3 [x y] (* x 1))

;; Method 1 - for
(for [f [f1 f2 f3]]
  (f 10 5))
;; => (15 5 50)

;; Method 2 - map
(map #(% 10 5) [f1 f2 f3])
;; => (15 5 50)

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