I am asking about a good reference for multithreading programming in terms of concepts with good examples using C++/C#?

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Good reference for reading:
Thread Management In The CLR
Round-Robin Access To The ThreadPool
Multithreading with C#
Why are thread safe collections so hard?
Threading in C#
Jeffrey Richter’s Power Threading Library
Implementing a Thread-Safe Queue using Condition Variables
Threading Building Blocks.org!
Sutter’s Mill - Effective Concurrency: Understanding Parallel Performance
Sutter’s Mill - Effective Concurrency: Use Threads Correctly = Isolation + Asynchronous Messages
Thread Synchronization (C# Programming Guide)
How to synchronize access to a shared resource in a multithreading environment by using Visual C#
Use Threads Correctly = Isolation + Asynchronous Messages
Parallel and Multi-Core Computing with C/C++
Thinking in Concurrently in .NET
Programming the Thread Pool in the .NET Framework
Visual Basic .NET: Tracing, Logging, and Threading Made Easy with .NET
Juice Up Your App with the Power of Hyper-Threading
Concurrency Hazards - Solving 11 Likely Problems In Your Multithreaded Code
INFO: Descriptions and Workings of OLE Threading Models - COM STA MTA
C# Threading
Thread Synchronization (C# Programming Guide)
Overview of concurrency in .NET Framework 3.5
Multi-threading in .NET: Introduction and suggestions
Oracle - Multithreaded Programming Guide
Multithreading Tutorial
64-Bit Programming with Visual C++
How to: Create and Terminate Threads (C# Programming Guide)


I recommend Joe Duffy's new book on concurrency on Windows. He covers both the Win32 API and the .NET framework. Excellent reading.



Free threading book by Joseph Albahari..

PS: There are also Chinese, Czech, Persian, Russian translations on the site..


I bought the vb.net version of this book C# Threading Handbook (Paperback) from amazon, which has all the reference i need.


The MSDN Library, while verbose, details most the information you'll need and has links to a bunch of tutorials - article.


The Little Book of Semaphores is a free, online introductory textbook. Example code is all in Python.

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