I am happily deploying jupyter notebooks using the suggested command-line-interface https://panel.holoviz.org/user_guide/Deploy_and_Export.html

panel serve app.ipynb

How to add a simple username/password authentication? I can not find anything on the official website...


The best place to start right now (2020-5-14) is to look at the Bokeh documentation and example. You can find the example here https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/tree/master/examples/howto/server_auth.

If you serve your app via panel serve app.ipynb that will work.

If you run your app via python app.py with .show() or panel.serve in the python file it will not work I believe.

There is a feature request on Github for auth documentation and that might contain updated information. See https://github.com/holoviz/panel/issues/671

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