In an MVVM application with ReactiveUI: I have a simple editor form for some entities, say Persons. On the left side I have a ListBox that shows all available persons. On the right side I have a form that shows the properies of the selected person. My in-code bindings look like this:

this.OneWayBind(this.ViewModel, x => x.Persons, x => x.LBPersons.ItemsSource).DisposeWith(disposables);
this.Bind(this.ViewModel, x => x.SelectedPerson, x => x.LBPersons.SelectedItem).DisposeWith(disposables);

Note that Person is a simple List and not an ObservableCollection. It gets loaded when the form is shown (this question is not about adding/deleting persons).

The bindings for the form controls that show the properties of the selected person look like this, I show only FirstName and LastName as an example:

this.Bind(this.ViewModel, x => x.SelectedPerson.FirstName, x => x.TBFirstName.Text, TBFirstName.Events().LostKeyboardFocus).DisposeWith(disposables);               

this.Bind(this.ViewModel, x => x.SelectedPerson.LastName, x => x.TBLastName.Text, TBLastName.Events().LostKeyboardFocus).DisposeWith(disposables);

The ListBox items are built from combining first name and last name. What I would like to achieve, is automatically updating the ListBoxs' selected item while the user types into the form fields. (I guess I will have to get rid of the LostKeyboardFocus event selectors but that would still not result in automatic update).

Any idea how to achieve that?


From ReactiveUI documentation: Choosing when to update the source

By default, the source of a binding will be updated when the target changes, which is equivalent to setting UpdateSourceTrigger = PropertyChanged on a WPF binding.

You can verify this in PropertyBinderImplementation.cs

var signalObservable = signalViewUpdate != null
         ? signalViewUpdate.Select(_ => false)
         : view.WhenAnyDynamic(viewExpression, x => (TVProp)x.Value).Select(_ => false);

In order to propagate the changes, you should:

  • Remove the event selector (fall back to default behavior)
  • Verify you have notifying properties for FirstName and LastName
  • You mentioned "The ListBox items are built from combining first name and last name.". Use an ItemTemplate to do that, as it will forward the changes.
  • Works like a charm, thanks. – NicolasR Feb 15 at 23:06

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