I am trying to run a VC++ 6 project in VS2010. In that am getting:

Internal Compiler error.. error C1001

Can anyone please tell me how to rectify that error? I Googled for this and I found reinstalling the Service Pack will solve this issue. But it didn't.


Microsoft Developer Network suggests that you remove some optimizations in your code: Fatal Error C1001. Once you've worked out which optimization is causing the issue, you can use a #pragma to disable that optimization in just that area:

// Disable the optimization
#pragma optimize( "", off )
// Re-enable any previous optimization
#pragma optimize( "", on )

Hope that helps to solve your problem.


In order for me to resolve this issue while targeting DotNet 3.5 I had to apply the visual studio 2008 sp1 as well as a seemingly unrelated hotfix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976656 that cleared it up. Keep in mind that the IDE is Visual studio but the msbuild is from your installed Visual studio 2008

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