I am attempting to use find with regex to find all files that begin with a number that would be within the range of a day of the month ( 01 .. 31 ).

This does not work

find . -type f -regex '[0-3][0-9]*'

What is a regex to confine the first two digits within the range 1..31 , but if the day is less than ten, confined to two digits ( 01, 02.. ) and so on, and use with the find command?

I have tried numerous things, looked at other stackoverflow articles and no solution mentioned in the other articles work.


You may try using the following regex pattern:


Your Linux command:

find . -type f -regex '^(3[01]|[12][0-9]|0[1-9])$'

Here is an explanation of the regex pattern:

^(             start of input
    3[01]      match 30 or 31
    |          OR
    [12][0-9]  match 10-29
    |          OR
    0[1-9]     match 01-09
)$             end of input



Regex is not good for expressing number ranges like this. You need to break it down and match each pattern separately, ie. begining with 0, 1 and 2, 3

For example:


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