I saw the following syntax in the HTML template of an Angular app, and I'm wondering what it does.


Can anyone tell me the reason for ?., please?


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It is a way of avoiding null exception.It says if header has a title then show the value.


When you get response data from a HTTP call in a TS file, it is asynchronous. Also, the HTML DOM loads before that response. So, to ensure it will not show an error like

'header' or 'title' is undefined

type {{header?.title}} rather than {{header.title}}.


This is a kind of short hand for ternary condition.

It will bind the property title only if header object is valid.

For example, Typical way of writing ternary condition is,

{{header ? header.title : ""}}

Can be written as


It's called Safe Navigation Operator which can be used to prevent Angular from throwing errors, when trying to access object properties of an object that don’t exist.

E.g. {{header?.title}}

Here it is, protecting against a view render failure if the header is null. This will evaluate name only if an header is not null or undefined. This comes in handy when an header is something that is loaded asynchronously.

It usually helps in scenarios where data is coming from HTTP Service.

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