I have an Azure Pipeline [source, runs] triggered by pull request. I am following this GitHub guide to commit to the contributor's branch used to create the pull request.

In order to do that, I have disabled the default Pipelines checkout step:

  - checkout: none

I am then trying to clone the contributor's repository and checkout their branch used for the pull request.


  - script: |
      git clone $(System.PullRequest.SourceRepositoryUri) .
      git checkout $(System.PullRequest.SourceBranch)
    displayName: checkout source branch

However, System.PullRequest.SourceRepositoryUri is returning the git URI of my repository, not the contributor's.

My primary repository:

  • https://github.com/collinbarrett/FilterLists.git

Variables I have tried using (see here):

  • System.PullRequest.SourceRepositoryURI: https://github.com/collinbarrett/FilterLists.git
  • Build.Repository.Uri: https://github.com/collinbarrett/FilterLists

I think I need a predefined variable in a build Pipeline that can give me either of the following:

  • https://github.com/<GitHubUsernameOfPrContributor>/FilterLists.git
  • <GitHubUsernameOfPrContributor>

How can I clone the pull request contributor's repository and checkout their branch used for the pull request? An answer may be a solution to any of the following:

  • Is there another predefined variable that I missed that contains the contributor's repository URI or GitHub username?
  • Can I tweak the Azure Pipelines checkout task to checkout the branch from the other contributor's repository instead of my own? In order to configure the fork as a Resource, it seems like I would need the contributor's fork URI or username.
  • Can I get this URI from the GitHub API directly somehow?
  • Is there some other solution? It seems I am making this more difficult than it should be...

UPDATE: Also requested on Microsoft Developer Community. Upvotes there appreciated.


I am able to get what I need by calling the GitHub API from my Pipeline. A predefined variable from Azure Pipelines would be preferred, but this will work for now.

  - bash: |
      FORKURI=$(curl -X GET "https://api.github.com/repos/$BUILD_REPOSITORY_NAME/pulls/$SYSTEM_PULLREQUEST_PULLREQUESTNUMBER" | jq -r '.head.repo.clone_url')
      git clone "$FORKURI" .
    displayName: checkout source branch

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