I am trying to process something from given type in Scala generics like this:

import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._

implicit private val tag: TypeTag[T] = typeTag[T]
private def getTypeString(implicit tag: TypeTag[T]): String = typeOf[T] match {
  case t if t =:= typeOf[OvalTest] => "tests"
  case t if t =:= typeOf[OvalObject]=> "objects"
  case t if t =:= typeOf[OvalState]=> "states"
  case t if t =:= typeOf[OvalVariable] => "variables"

I am getting exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at scala.reflect.api.TypeTags.typeOf(TypeTags.scala:357)
    at scala.reflect.api.TypeTags.typeOf$(TypeTags.scala:357)
    at scala.reflect.api.Universe.typeOf(Universe.scala:73)
    at composer.OvalIndexer$ElementsIndexer.getTypeString(OvalIndexer.scala:142)
    at composer.OvalIndexer$ElementsIndexer.<init>(OvalIndexer.scala:148)
    at composer.OvalIndexer$.createIndex(OvalIndexer.scala:48)
    at Main$.main(Main.scala:11)
    at Main.main(Main.scala)

Null Pointer happens on line private val ovalType = getTypeString.

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Why do you have this line?

implicit private val tag: TypeTag[T] = typeTag[T]

It isn't clear what T is in this scope, but the result will be that tag is null because typeTag[T] sees there is an implicit tag: TypeTag[T] available and returns it. Except it isn't initialized yet so it'll see null. Then if typeOf[T] is used with the same T, it'll get null as its implicit argument resulting in the exception you see.

private val ovalType = getTypeString

Without a type parameter it probably infers getTypeString[Nothing]. Is that what you want?

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