I'm using lacinia library for my GrapQL Clojure server.
For this simple schema:

input QueryConfig {
  startDate: String!
  endDate: String!

type MyData{
  x: Float!
  y: Float!
  z: Float!

schema {
    query: Query

type Query {
  myQuery(config:QueryConfig) : [MyData]

I'm posting the following query:


In my resolver code, I would like to know what fields were asked (x in the example above), So I won't over fetch results from my DB and retrieve only the x values.

In the resolver code the context contains :graphql-query key which contains the entire query. However, parsing the query text seems awkward.

(defn my-resolver
  [context args value]
  ;TODO find out what fields were asked and fetch from DB

What would be the right way of getting the query fields?


From the docs:

It is also possible to get all the fields that will be selected, using selections-seq. This a lazy, breadth-first navigation of all fields in the selection tree.

So you can use: (executor/selections-seq context) to get all fields that were sent by the query.


Lacinia does allow you to preview nested selections:

A field resolver can “preview” what fields will be selected below it in the selections tree. This is a tool frequently used to optimize data retrieval operations.

Example code from docs:

  '[com.walmartlabs.lacinia.executor :as executor])

(defn resolve-hero
  [context args _]
  (if (executor/selects-field? context :character/friends)
    (fetch-hero-with-friends args)
    (fetch-hero args)))

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