I am trying to use Resilience4j features. My use case is to combine circuitbreaker,retry and timelimiter modules. Here is what I have tried.

  Supplier<R> supplier = this::doSomething;
          () -> CompletableFuture.supplyAsync(supplier));
  return Decorators.ofSupplier(supplier)

The issue here is, my doSomething() method executes twice. Has anyone seen this issue earlier? I want to combine all these modules and execute the method only once. Thanks for your help.


you are using timeLimiter.executeFutureSupplier which executes the Future instead of decorating it. Please use it in exactly this order:

ScheduledExecutorService scheduler = Executors.newScheduledThreadPool(3);
Supplier<R> supplier = this::doSomething;

CompletableFuture<R> future = Decorators.ofSupplier(supplier)
    .withTimeLimiter(timeLimiter, scheduledExecutorService)
  • What would be the order if a rate limiter was added to the decorators, i.e. where would withRateLimiter(rateLimiter) go in the above example? – Attila T Jun 4 '20 at 18:05
  • After giving some thought to it, the rate limiter should probably go in between bulkhead and time limiter. – Attila T Jun 6 '20 at 14:29

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