I have a div (the title of an item) that should always be two lines tall. If the title is short, the second line is blank. If the title is long, it may be cut off.

This normally works:

    font-size:14px; /* can be any size */

<div class="title">
     I am a title and I can be long, like this.

However, this does not work in my Android app (webview) if the user changes the font-size in settings. The font size and line-height increase, but not the height. The title ends up being cut off at one (or 1.x) line.

This used to work so something must have changed with how font sizing is handled.

If I view the above css/html in a browser (Chrome or Firefox) then the font does not change; the user's preference is ignored. If I view my website in Facebook's webview browser (type link into FB message and click it) then it acts the same as in my app's webview; the font size is increased, but not the height. So it's a webview thing.

I do not wish to turn off using the dynamic style since people should be able to view larger fonts.

P.S I have tried with px and vw units. Same result.

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