My raspberry pi isn't booting to the os. It is getting stalled with various errors. However I can open the sd card on another computer. I want the data from mysql could I copy the datadir to another filesystem and once I have my pi working. Copy those files to the new pi's datadir?

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    Just use the backup you made – Strawberry Feb 14 at 0:07
  • I don't have a backup. – user3525290 Feb 14 at 0:39

Very vague question.

  1. Pi can run different OS.
  2. Different ways of storing data files by few versions of MySQL / MariaDB.
  3. Copying datadir to another file system. Which FS?

Now, probable solutions.

  1. Restore from backup. Should have taken backup (periodically).
  2. Create a bootable SD for your Pi and place your datadir (of previous SD into the new SD. Do this after referring to https://serverfault.com/questions/659048/can-i-copy-the-entire-var-lib-mysql-folder-to-a-different-server-mysql-vs-mar
  3. Before doing anything on the main Pi, do a dry run using yet another SD.

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