I am searching for the best and easiest way to have the client side be able to "post" text to a server side file (.txt) and then save it to the text file. I would like to set up a simple board to post comments. Something quick and easy?

I've looked around and it seems there are many ways out there. I haven't found something that simply allows read/write, while only utilizing JQuery functionality. Advice?


jQuery is a framework built on top of javascript. Javascript is a language thet runs within the browser. We call the browser the 'client'. That's why we call javascript a form of client side scripting.

to read/write files on the server, you'll need to use a server side language such as PHP.

If you do so, you can either set the action attribute of a form, or the href method of a link to the php scrip, or request it using AJAX, which is really easy to do.

If you want your site to be any good when you get some visitors, I think you should use a database for comments instead of a .txt files. However, for something that doesn't change that much, such as blog posts, you can use static HTML or txt files, these are quicker to serve then database contents.

  • Thank you. Excuse the ignorance.
    – TJL
    May 16 '11 at 18:54

jQuery is a client side language, which means you can not execute code on the server with it. What you could do, is post to a server side script with AJAX jQuery, which is pretty easy, but requires you to have a little knowledge of a server side programming language to write to the file.

Use this code to post to the server:

$.post("/url/to/server.php", {text: $("#text").val()});
  • If I use this and post to the .php, would it be wise to store the .php within a DIV that is on my page. I imagine this would update the DIV and post the updated text, with a little added code.
    – TJL
    May 16 '11 at 18:58
  • The place of your php code doesn't really matter, but the best thing to do is to make a new php file on your server where you post to.You can setup the ajax function to do something with the data your php echo's. $.post("/url/to/server.php", {text: $("#text").val()}, function(data){ alert(data); //Alerts the stuff php returns }); If you would like to update a div with the user input, you can just use a new line for that: $("#div").html($("#text").val()); or `$("#div").append($("#text").val());
    – Chris
    May 16 '11 at 19:02

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