I have to use scanner on Internet site web page. As far as I know not Flash nor Silverlight is capable to communicate with such hardware nowadays. It looks like there is no alternative to Active-X at present for such operation (correct me if I'm wrong).

After image is scanned I have to send it to server via HTTPS and wait for processing result.

I have some alternatives here:

  • Start ajax polling with regular interval
  • Put polling functionality straight into active-x component

What approach would you personally preffer?

Is it possible to establish event mechanism for Active-X approach (when server pushes result back to a web-page?). Will events work for javascript/ajax approach?

Thank you in advance!


Have the client scan and upload a file. That's how it's done these days. Scanning software is a part of OS - at least, in Windows and MacOS it is.

With an ActiveX object, it will become a support nightmare. Also, think of all the Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Non-Windows users out there.

Also, I vaguely recall scanner support will be added in HTML5.

  • Thank you, @Seva. It's a customer requirement to use web browser for such operation - I can't change that. May 16 '11 at 19:02
  • If the customer agrees to be bound to IE on Windows, so be it. That said, the less functionality in ActiveX, the better. Web bits are easier to debug and replace. May 16 '11 at 20:13

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