Does anyone know how to use tensorflow in RStudio Cloud without running into this known fatal error? Are there versions of Python, Miniconda, TensorFlow, and Keras that make it work? My current setup script is here.

I use an RStudio Cloud project to teach a workshop. I am running into the known bug described here and here, and it is only a matter of time before the amazing folks at RStudio release a new IDE with a patch. But in the meantime, I have several workshops to teach, and I cannot install a different version of the IDE on Cloud. Cloud would be perfect if I can get it to work.

I already posted here about this, but I am trying to cast a wider net to see if anyone found a clever workaround.

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    I don't use RStudio, but ... can you put it in a future and let it run possibly without rstudioapi-stuff hanging around? – r2evans Feb 14 at 4:00
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    What an awesome idea! Just tried ` callr::r(function() tensorflow::tf_config())` and it worked! I will have to try it on the rest of the workshop. – landau Feb 14 at 4:11
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    I also had thought about processx (and therefore callr) but wondered if it would be easier (data transfer) to keep it as a future so that the serialization is more natural. *Shrug*, whatever works. Glad it was helpful, Will. – r2evans Feb 14 at 4:13
  • Hmm... as I look back at more of the materials, I see how much they rely on being able to load Keras models and explore them interactively, even though the actual model fitting can be done in remote processes. What if the problem is something about rstudioapi like you suggested. Maybe if I could detach the package and unset some environment variables? – landau Feb 14 at 4:34
  • It's possible, I really don't know (and while I perhaps should devote the time for your workshop, I cannot this week :-). It doesn't have any DLLs, so detach("package:rstudioapi", force=TRUE) might work well enough (in which case I think Jonathan's first comment might be not true) . If not, I wonder if future will pass that package to the multi-session node. I hope detaching is enough for you, that's easy enough to support for now. – r2evans Feb 14 at 4:53

I figured it out! All I needed was to downgrade to TensorFlow 1.13.1. I thought I already tried that, but then I realized install_keras() automatically upgrades TensorFlow unless I supply a version string to the tensorflow argument. Here is how I set up a local Python environment with TensorFlow 1.13.1 in RStudio Cloud.

Sys.setenv(WORKON_HOME = "virtualenvs")
reticulate::virtualenv_create("r-reticulate", python = "miniconda/bin/python")
  method = "virtualenv",
  conda = "miniconda/bin/conda",
  envname = "r-reticulate",
  tensorflow = "1.13.1",
  restart_session = FALSE
# Now add WORKON_HOME=/cloud/project/virtualenvs to .Renviron

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