I have a php file with Paysafecard class. File is called Paysafecard.php. I'd like to include it in my controller. How can I do it?

  • It's PHP. You can include a file as usual. You probably shouldn't, though. Better familiarize with how autoloading works in a composer project. – yivi Feb 14 at 14:34

If you are using Symfony surely you are using the composer autoload.

Go to the root directory path of your project and search the composer.json file.

Within it you find a directive like this :

 "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "App\\": "src/"

This sentence indicates the mapping between the name and the directory.

Now look at the actual file path, for example /src/lib/Paymenterio.php

Go to the controller where you want to use the class replace the path with the autoload alias and remove the extension.

use App\lib\Paymenterio;
  • The file is called Paysafecard.php and it has pasafecard class in it. I put it in src/Paysafecard/ directory. In my controller I user use App\Paysafecard\Paysafecard; Should this work? – Szymon Ellwart Feb 14 at 11:31
  • two things, the extension is not necessary (I edit my previous message) and the file has to have the namespace you are loading too. That is, at the beginning of the file Paymenterio you should put: namespace App\Paysafecard; and in the controller you must write use App\Paysafecard\Paymenterio – kb05 Feb 14 at 11:48

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