I have following url i would like to hide id and make it clean url


clean url should be like below url https://www.evidhya.com/tutorials/AJAX/Introduction

how can i achieve this

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    Hard to tell what your actual question is here. But you are aware that in some place you will still have to perform the “translation” from ADO/Introduction back to the id 459, right? If you don’t want to hard-code that into the .htaccess for every single case, then your script logic behind this will likely need modification as well. – misorude Feb 14 at 11:15
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    /tutorials/ADO/Introduction cannot be rewritten to /tutorials/tutorials.php?qid=459 because 459 is not present anywhere in original URI. You can rewrite /tutorials/ADO/Introduction to something like /tutorials/get_data.php?param1=ADO&param2=Introduction and then let get_data.php fetch right content from database. – anubhava Feb 14 at 11:15

Well, it seems the id is needed to determine the resulting url. I would do this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (\d+)/(\w+)/(\w+) tutorials.php?qid=$1/$2/$3 [L]

and place this rule in tutorials/.htaccess.

And when someone goes to https://www.evidhya.com/tutorials/569/AJAX/Introduction it should load https://www.evidhya.com/tutorials/tutorials.php?qid=569/AJAX/Introduction

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