need some help here.

how do I configure/compile mod_auth_kerb at windows for apache 2.4? The information I googled tends to show configuration on linux instead of windows.

I found the team schaeuffelhut-berger who sells modul (https://www.schaeuffelhut-berger.de/wordpress/en/buy-mod_auth_kerb-online-at-windows-for-apache2-4/). Is this the only option available?

I want to make our php app with SSO Authentication through Active Directory. I searched about and I found maybe another two ways:

  • apache module mod_authnz_sspi
  • apache module mod_authnz_ldap

Which authentication method you prefer?

Thanks for all help and assistance!

  • Mod auth gssapi (github.com/modauthgssapi/mod_auth_gssapi). It is a good alternative for the aging mod_auth_kerb module. – Daan Feb 14 at 11:17
  • Is possible compile module mod_auth_gssapi under windows? – ekinek Feb 14 at 11:50
  • That I don't know. I've only been using it under linux. – Daan Feb 14 at 11:53
  • We are looking for the best solution under the windows platform - by the way thank your for your answer – ekinek Feb 14 at 12:08

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