I'm playing with Apache Pig. I want to check/test/make sure that I really read and then process input files in parallel in Apache Pig.

Problem: I have over 100 TBs of data in thousands of files. Each file has a few GBs. I really need a way to process them in parallel.

Here is my script which tries to read five such files:

DEFINE UniTable         cass.UniTable(); 

tmp1 = LOAD 'id1/id2' using UniTable();
tmp2 = LOAD 'id3/id4' using UniTable();
tmp3 = LOAD 'id5/id6' using UniTable();
tmp4 = LOAD 'id7/id8' using UniTable();
tmp5 = LOAD 'id9/id10' using UniTable();

bb1 = FILTER tmp1 BY (ik1i == 14 AND ik2i == 14);
bb2 = FILTER tmp2 BY (ik1i == 14 AND ik2i == 14);
bb3 = FILTER tmp3 BY (ik1i == 14 AND ik2i == 14);
bb4 = FILTER tmp4 BY (ik1i == 14 AND ik2i == 14);
bb5 = FILTER tmp5 BY (ik1i == 14 AND ik2i == 14);
bbu = UNION bb1, bb2, bb3, bb4, bb5;
bb = GROUP bbu ALL;
bbcount = FOREACH bb  GENERATE COUNT(bbu.ik1i);
DUMP bbcount;

UniTable - this is my LoadFunc which simply reads "my data" to Pig (it takes some input arguments, not important).

I added a LOG messages to my class UniTable and I see in the LOGS that every file is processed sequentially: it is opened, then closed, then the next one is opened and closed etc. etc.

I have running hadoop-2.7.6 cluster. I run this Apache Pig in (-x mapreduce) mode.

What do I do wrong?


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