Publishing status: Rejected

Your app has been rejected and wasn't published due to a policy violation. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

We don’t allow apps that interfere with, disrupt, damage, or access in an unauthorized manner the user’s device, other devices or computers, servers, networks, application programming interfaces (APIs), or services, including but not limited to other apps on the device, any Google service, or an authorized carrier’s network.

How to resolve this issue??

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  • How should we possibly know? We have no info whatsoever about what your app even does. // Questions like this don’t really belong here in the first place, this is not an actual programming question. How what you are doing fits into a specific platform’s policies, is really for you to figure out. – misorude Feb 14 at 11:36

Here are some examples of common violations:

  • Apps that block or interfere with another app displaying ads.

  • Game cheating apps that affect the gameplay of other apps.

  • Apps that facilitate or provide instructions on how to hack services, software or hardware, or circumvent security protections.

  • Apps that access or use a service or API in a manner that violates its terms of service.

  • Apps that attempt to bypass system power management that are not eligible for whitelisting.

  • Apps that facilitate proxy services to third parties may only do so in apps where that is the primary, user-facing core purpose of the

In our case it was IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS. See here.

Note: Google Play policies prohibit apps from requesting direct exemption from Power Management features in Android 6.0+ (Doze and App Standby) unless the core function of the app is adversely affected.

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