I've recently started using zsh. I notice some commands which work in bash no longer work in zsh. In particular, I'm using virtualenv with virtualenvwrapper for Python virtual environments, which has the command workon to change the current virtual environment. When I run bash, it recognises this command, but when running zsh, this command is not recognised.

Where does the shell look for these binaries? How can I point zsh to this binary when I use this or similar commands?

To clarify, my default shell is now zsh, when I enter bash to start running bash, the command is recognised, and when I enter zsh it is no longer recognised. The path is therefore the same when running both commands

Running Linux Mint 19.3

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The command workon is defined in a script to be sourced by the shell. With bash, you typically edit .bashrc or .profile to make it happen whenever the shell is opened.

You can do the same for zsh, but you need to carry over the lines from the file you edited to a different file, e.g. .zprofile.

See https://superuser.com/questions/187639/zsh-not-hitting-profile and https://virtualenvwrapper.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install.html for more information.

  • @mcindoe : Also, depending on what you did in your .bashrc, pay attention to syntactic and semantic differences between bash and zsh. I usually keep those lines which work identical in bash and zsh, in a separate file (say : .commonrc) which I source from .bahrc and .zshrc. – user1934428 Feb 14 at 12:17

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