I have an interface like file explorer with 2 VirtualStringTree, first for folders and second for files from these folders. On the right panel, I need to show information about the selected file or folder. This is a screenshot for example:

VirtualStringTree panels

Ok, this is my code to process currently selected file or folder:

procedure OnFoldersFocusChange();
  // Show the selected Folder info on panel

procedure OnFilesFocusChange();
  // Show the selected File info on panel

This is works, but when we have selected folder and selected file on both VitrualStringTree's, that when we switch between this file and folder nothing happens, OnFocusChange does not execute and I will not know what is focused now: folder or file.

The second iteration is processing OnEnter events:

procedure OnFoldersEnter();

procedure OnFilesEnter();

Ok, now all works fine, but when we have focused Files control and I click on the Folders control, but not on the focused folder than I have 2 executions of the OnFolderFocusChange. The first will be executed in OnFolderEnter for the previously focused folder and second execution for new focused folder.

What I should change to avoid execution for previously focused folder?

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