I write some class (icalevent, calendermanager and icalexception) and create demo (demo is activity). I want to test to my iCal and write this. I can't start activity and I don't understand why.


public Intent getIntent(){
    Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_EDIT);  
    intent.putExtra("title", theEvent.getName());  here is problem
    intent.putExtra("description", theEvent.getSummary()); and here

    intent.putExtra("beginTime", theEvent.getStart().getTime());and here
    intent.putExtra("endTime", theEvent.getEnd().getTime()); and here
    return intent;
public Intent intent(){   
    CalendarManager calandermanager = new CalendarManager();
    return calandermanager.getIntent();

The putExtra wants a different data type for that field. Try possibly convert the time to a string?

Look here for more information on it. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/Intent.html#putExtra(java.lang.String,android.os.Bundle)


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