I have started developing for Erlang using Rebar3 in the IntelliJ IDE and have run into the following problem - when trying to use the ide to clean or run i get the following error:

Testing started at 8:33 AM ... D:\DevelopmentTools\erl10.0.1\bin\escript.exe D:\DevelopmentTools\erl10.0.1\rebar\rebar3.cmd skip_deps=true clean -C C:\Users\coreRNM\AppData\Local\Temp\eunit_teamcity1\rebar.config D:\DevelopmentTools\erl10.0.1\rebar\rebar3.cmd:2: syntax error before: set escript: There were compilation errors.

It should be a fairly easy configuration but the code breaks in the following location.

@echo off setlocal set rebarscript=%~f0 escript.exe "%rebarscript:.cmd=%" %*

My question is: has anyone experienced this before or am I missing something?


Honestly, I have no idea what's happened here and it doesn't look like an integration issue. Better ask guys about running rebar3 on Windows.

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