For example, I have the following code :

$string  = "adf  gggg  eere value aaaa bbb (10) value 
ddttt ggg www (20) value ddttt ggg www dddd (40) ";
preg_match("/(value).*(\(\d+\))/is", $string, $result);
var_dump($result[2]); // outputs 40.

I'm trying to get the first value (10). The code above outputs 40 which makes sense, but not what I want. The string pattern is : word "value", then a number of any characters, then "(", integer, ")". It seems that I'm missing something obvious... I haven't worked too much with regular expressions, but I believe it can be solved somehow with ?<!value, no luck so far though.

Thanks for any help.


.* is greedy, so it will match as many characters as possible, you want .*? which will match the minimum characters needed to complete the match:

  • Thanks a lot, that was so easy :)
    – a1ex07
    May 16 '11 at 20:23

What's wrong with your regex is that .* is greedy, and tries to matchs as many letters as possible.

preg_match("#value.*?\((\d+)\)#is", $string, $result);

But you can make it faster by using a negative class:

preg_match("#value[^(]+\((\d+)\)#is", $string, $result);

Being *? a reluctant match.

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