I just started learning Gatsby.js with Styled Components and the problem is that the browser doesn't show images. store.js is in pages folder and images are in images folder. Both in src folder. The only thing which appears is the value of alt attribute.

class Store extends React.Component {
  formatPrice(price) {
    return (price * 0.01).toFixed(2)
  render() {
    return (
          {products.map(product => {
            return (
              <Product key={product.key}>

export default Store

Does anyone know what's wrong?


You have to put the images folder into static/ folder.

Here's what Gatsby documentation says about static/ folder:

You can create a folder named static at the root of your project. Every file you put into that folder will be copied into the public folder. E.g. if you add a file named sun.jpg to the static folder, it’ll be copied to public/sun.jpg

Later reference the images from the web root directory, e.g. src={`/images/${product.sku}.jpg`}

  • well, I did it following these steps so I created static/ folder in src/ folder and set directory "../static/example.jpg" but it still doesn't work – jackowsky Feb 14 at 15:22
  • 1
    You can create a folder named static at the root of your project: create it in the root directory, not src. – Dmitri Pavlutin Feb 14 at 15:27

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