I'm using react-beautiful-dnd:

    {(provided, snapshot) => (
       <Draggable><Item with Slider></Draggable>
       <Draggable><Item with Slider></Draggable>
       <Draggable><Item with Slider></Draggable>
       <Draggable><Item with Slider></Draggable>

My understanding is that Draggable will have some variety of event listeners to allow it to detect when it is clicked/clicked and dragged/etc.

The Slider component that I'm using will also have similar events (since I assume it provides similar event listeners to Draggable).

How can I either:

  1. Get react-beautiful-dnd to ignore events emitted from certain targets


  1. Stop event propagation so that react-beautiful-dnd doesn't receive an event?

The screenshot below shows two sliders - (1) a React component (material-ui) and (2) an <input type="range" /> component. The normal range works fine (doesn't trigger drag and drop) while the Slider does not.

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    if the slider is not supporting stopPropagation maybe you can wrap it with your own component that register to those events and just call stopPropagation? – Sagiv b.g Feb 14 at 15:12
  • Can I assume that an event handler of a child element will be called before an event handler of the parent? – Zach Smith Feb 15 at 7:57

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