once we run command "Invoke-AzVMRunCommand" to execute a PS script on remote VM, it always succeeds even it actually fails. I know remote VM has the log file there:


But how to retrieve the error on local powershell, try-catch etc. does not show it. What is a proper error handling using "Invoke-AzVMRunCommand", ideally getting results in .txt, something like:

| Out-File -Filepath xxx.txt

thank you.

  • You say the file is being written here: "C:\Packages\Plugins\Microsoft.CPlat.Core.RunCommandWindows\1.1.3\Status", and the error is in that log file, then why not just read it from there? Get-Content -Path 'UncToFilename', or are you saying you don't want to read the full file, just errors it spits out? You are not showing what your ErrorAction and /or Try/Catch looks like either and thus not enough info to work with. – postanote Feb 14 at 21:30
  • regardless what ErrorAction and Try/Catch block is, if remote scripts fails inside, it does not throw an error on the machine it is called from. We run .ps1 script saved on many remote VMs locally every several hours, would very inefficient to run another script to read log file on remote machine plus needs additional filtering to read only the ones which has failed. And the worst is, the invoke script succeeds so we even do not know when the script fails. – Mund Feb 15 at 13:02

Eventually after long testing, I end up with this solution, which throws an error from remote script execution and logs it in .txt file:

$result = Invoke-AzVMRunCommand -ErrorAction Stop -ResourceGroupName "MyRg" -Name "MyVM" -CommandId 'RunPowerShellScript' -ScriptPath MyScript.ps1
Remove-Item -path script.ps1 

if ($result.value.Message -like '*error*') 

    Write-Output "Failed. An error occurred: `n $($result.value.Message)" | Out-File -Filepath C:\OutputLog.txt -Append
    throw $($result.value.Message)        
    Write-Output "Success" | Out-File -Filepath C:\OutputLog.txt -Append

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