I am working on a sizeable large eCommerce web-portal where, there are many images on thousands of CMS generated dynamic pages. The location of the image on page is fixed.

How to create a Javascript / Machine Learning based test automation bot, which will skim through all of these pages & result in the pages where images do not load.

Time for this test run is not a constraint, as we won't be putting this run as CI/CD pipeline, rater a standard overnight run.

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    What do you mean by "images do not load"? They are failed to be downloaded from the server? Or the image does not correspond to the context? – Alexey R. Feb 14 at 16:54
  • On Amazon S3 image-crawler service lists the content of the s3 bucket containing the images, the existing folders inside the bucket are also included in the list. But I would like to separate the cause of issue from the check as in future images may not load due to some other reason / they might be missing alltogether – user2451016 Feb 14 at 19:04

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