I am updating a tax workpaper to make everything more automated. We have a general 'overview' form that will take values from different areas of a tax return so it makes it easier for our reviewer to tie everything out. As of this year in Illinois, QBI (form 8995) is now active and being utilized. In response, I created a form to calculate QBI. Many things flow into QBI, however I am focusing on section 199a dividends. S199 are considered QBI and report on form 8995 accordingly. To make it easier on everyone in the office, I want to use a function that will check if there are any values in the column, select the first value that appears, then return it to the QBI workpaper.

My idea was as follows:


I was thinking that each column would report as having a value in it or not. It would check to see which is the first boolean that is false and return that value to another cell, lets say B1. Then B2 would take the next false boolean. I tried VLookUp but it wouldn't take these types of arguments. Do you have any idea how I could go about this?

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    You would have to do a INDEX/MATCH here. – urdearboy Feb 14 at 16:06

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