so I have this table where I would like to only background color the 4th row. I tried many things however I am unable to color a single individual row.

here is my style

 tableRow: {
    borderTopColor: Colors.dividerColor,
    borderTopWidth: 1,
    flex: 1,
    flexDirection: 'row',
    padding: Spacing.globalPaddingSmall,
    // backgroundColor: "red" I want only to color the 4th row

and here is my table

  <View style={tableStyles.tableRow}>
    <Text style={tableStyles.tableTextFirst}>{sensor}</Text>
                        <Text style={tableStyles.tableText}>{daily}</Text>
                        <Text style={tableStyles.tableText}>{weekley}</Text>
                        <Text style={tableStyles.tableText}>{monthley}</Text>
    <Text style={tableStyles.tableText}>{average}</Text> //only color this one
  • try adding <Text style={[tableStyles.tableText, {backgroundColor: 'your color'}]}>{average}</Text> – SDushan Feb 14 at 17:04


redRow: {
  backgroundColor: "red"

to your styles and then use it like this
<Text style={[tableStyles.redRow, tableStyles.tableText]}>{average}</Text>

see example: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/style

  • Thank you, this is what I was looking for, the problem now is that it's red but there is a white padding. I guess there is no why to color padding? – Alex Hernandez Feb 14 at 18:43

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