I'm setting up an entity creation/edit form in react-admin where there are going to be child entities. The modal example with react admin wont work for me as I will eventually need to do this several layers deep, but I have used the same code base to add the button next to the child field. (https://marmelab.com/react-admin/AdvancedTutorials.html)

I need the form to be able to be saved as usual but this additional button within the form needs to save the entity then redirect to some page.


const ModifierCreate = (props) => (
    <Create {...props}>
        <SimpleForm handleSubmit={values => submitHandler(values)}>
            <TextInput source="name" sortable="false"/>

            <ModifierReferenceInput {...props}


handleSubmit on the SimpleForm works exactly as I need but this is on the main form submission whereas I need this functionality within the custom button.


const ModifierReferenceInput = props => (
        <ReferenceInput {...props}>
            <SelectInput optionText="name" />

        <ModifierQuickCreateButton {...props}/>


render() {
        return (
                <SaveButton onClick={this.handleClick} label="Create" variant="flat" ></SaveButton>

Is there any way I can alter handleSubmit on the form from within ModifierReferenceInput which holds the custom button?

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