Suppose I had the following 2 tables:

Table1:                      Table2:
C1:        C2:               C1:       C3:
a          cc                a         aaa
b          ff                b         bbb
<null>     jj                
c          mm                 
<null>     pp                 

Now, I want to join these tables on C1 and bring back the entire set to look like: Results:

C1        C2:       C3:
a         cc        aaa
b         ff        bbb
<null>    jj        <null>
c         mm        <null>
<null>    pp        <null> 

So, I tried a SQL like:

FROM Table1 
ON Table1.C1 = Table2.C1

But it isn't matching the NULL values from Table1 in C1, so I end up with: Result:

C1:        C2:       C3:
a          cc        aaa
b          ff        bbb

How can I get the result I am looking for?? Thanks!

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    Your query should produce the result that you expect - that's what left joins are here for. You might have oversimplified your use case to the point where the problem is not happening anymore. – GMB Feb 14 at 23:55
  • Tell detail where presto connector is pointing.. – sandeep rawat Feb 19 at 3:16

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