so I just began to learn some back end work, and I learned POSTMAN is a great tool for testing HTTP request methods. I have POSTMAN installed on my windows PC. I am running into a problem, in which whenever I want to test out POST method for creating an item, I just see "sending request" on POSTMAN without having a result.

My codes are the following,

const express = require('express');
const app = express();
const contacts = [{id:4}];
const contact_id = 1

const PORT = 3000;

    res.send(`welcome to ${contacts}`)

    const contact = {

    console.log(`Server started on ${PORT}`)

What could be the problem?

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    You need to send a response to your client (here: Postman), like res.json(contacts); – pzaenger Feb 15 at 0:02

As pzaenger correctly pointed out, you are never closing the connection on the server end with a res.end(), res.send() or res.json().

You need to close the connection with one of these methods, so that POSTMAN will receive your server's data (result):

    const contact = {
        id: contact_id+1
    contacts.push( contact );
    res.json( contacts );

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