I have heroku links that sends data from database with JSON format.

I need to make an CRUD(insert,delete,update,list) web application with that data using heroku links. I am very new to this area and could not find a good tutorial without PHP. I just wanted to use Javascript, Jquery and Ajax.

Do you have any recommendation for tutorials, examples ?

  • Welcome to stackoverflow :) Even this type of questions is not much appreciated here, still it's missing something... Does the heroku API lets you insert data too? Otherwise where are you storing it? if it's not php and it's javascript only.. how are you expecting to use it? How about you edit your question with something you tried and a sample of the dataset you are receiving... – Bilel Feb 15 at 0:48
  • Are you expecting to use Angular ? – Bilel Feb 15 at 0:51
  • Hello again, thank you for your answer:) Heroku API lets me to insert data, i handle this part with reading html form data and sending with AJAX. I can also make list of the data that comes from Heroku API. But i could not edit or delete a specific data. Heroku API also has a link that lets me edit data with id of it. – Tolga Acar Feb 16 at 11:21
  • So there is also a CRUD serving through the Heroku API ! I think what you need is sthg like this: encodedna.com/javascript/… – Bilel Feb 16 at 17:08