We are using Travis-CI to test our project (Speedy Net). A test failed and I want to rebuild it. I checked this answer but it doesn't work for me. This changed recently. I'm the owner of this organization on GitHub but on Travis CI I'm not a member of any organization. On this build's page I don't have any rebuild button. What can I do to be able to rebuild this test?

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  • What is the point of rebuilding if the failure is not fixed/committed/pushed to the repo? If there was a failed test, that means that there has to be a bug in the code that is tested or a bug in the code that performs the test. If you have fixed the bug/issue, then just commit and push those changes and Travis-CI will run all tests for the new commit again. – Christos Lytras Feb 20 at 12:24
  • @ChristosLytras In some cases a test can fail, but when run again it will pass. I think this is the case in this case, since the test failed only with one version of Python (3.5) and I also think it passed with the same commit on another branch. – Uri Feb 20 at 17:12
  • I've had a similar problem in the past and it wasn't a TravisCI fault. Python has some differences from version to version. But I see in your case that there is a ProtocolError: ("Connection broken: ConnectionResetError(104, 'Connection reset by peer')" error which may be related to packages versions but it could be also related to CI server network failures for some rare cases. – Christos Lytras Feb 20 at 17:21
  • @ChristosLytras In this case you can see for example here travis-ci.org/speedy-net/speedy-net/builds/639409564 that this test with the same commit passed. Sometimes tests fail because of random reasons but when running the test again it passes. – Uri Feb 20 at 19:35

It depends, if the test is triggered via a pull request then it is as simple as closing then reopening that pull request.

If you are triggering the test in another way then do that thing again, e.g. force push, git commit --allow-empty, etc. to restart the process.

Basically if a build fails because for example, a host is unreachable temporarily in the test/build setup rather than any issue with the code, then trigger the build again in the same way you did originally.

  • Rebuilding a test should not require changes in the repository (such as committing or pushing). There is no pull request related to this test. – Uri 8 hours ago
  • That depends on how the build is triggered. If the test is set up to run via a commit/push - then performing that action may be (pragmatically) the only viable option even if it should not (intuitively, from the point of best practice) be the desired one. e.g. git commit --allow-empty – Fraser 4 hours ago

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