imagine the wordpress system in which you can easily (almost) integrate a plugin in to your website and add some customized functionality. let say I have a website composed by node.js, express.js and angular 8. I already prepared a bunch of powerful APIs in node.js side and in angular fronted want to have flexibility to users(which are developers) create some custom plugins and provide the possibility for other developers to install/remove these plugins. obviously there must be some menu and access control codes to limit/unlimited the install/uninstall grant and... which are not the case.

at this point what for me is important is: the developer goes to plugin folder (somewhere in ~/src/app/plugins) and create her/his plugin-folder say "myPlugin". and past the plugin codes there. by doing that the angular app(the code which I need to add to normal angular) will recognize new plugin and will add it's content to project. the plugin-folder-contents could be a normal angular component and it's .ts and .css files or a more complex combination of components.

finally user will see some new menus/pages/functionalities which are added because of new plugin installation. in order to calling server(express.js) the plugin must use the implemented APIs. is it feasible?

in fact I implemented it partially and also I implemented the hook concept, but what I need is an intelligence hack in angular source to automatically inject proper css and components etc...

since I am not expert in angular core architecture i asked the question here. maybe the problem already solved by better approach and solution and I didn't aware of!

excuse me for too long description. any tips, hint, help is highly appreciated.


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